Gold Dorle Design Ideas for Mangalsutra

Indian women are very Lucky, there are to many types of jewelery available for Indian women. One such type is Gold Dorle, Gold dorla is used in the form of mangalsutra in place of Pendant(Vatya) or pendal. This dorle is made in 22k Huid hallmark gold like other jewellery.

Maharashtrian Marathi Gold Dorle

Gold dorla, an inseparable part of our cultural legacy, encompasses the essence of vintage dorla. In Maharashtra Nashik, these particular dorlas are known as 11 mani dorla.The name of this classic gold dorla may differ based on the geographical location, and it is meticulously crafted using 22k gold. It’s not just a regular accessory, it’s a significant part of our heritage.Depending on the weight you desire, this dorle will be available in our store Prasad Alankar. Check out the design of the 11 mani dorle below.

Banu Dorle (Fancy Dorle)

As time went by, the designs of Gold Dorle began to develop in a modern way. Nowadays, many new types of dollars are available in the market for the first time. Among them many dorle names are famous as Banu dorle.Our shop, Prasad Alankar, specializes in creating custom-made gold dorle designs. We offer a wide range of options, including the famous Banu dorle designs. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern style, we can create any gold dorla design in any weight you desire. The design of some banu dorle (fancy dorle) is as follows.

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